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Types of Investment Property

Types of Investment Property

At Knights Porter, we are here to help Landlords and Property Investors build successful investment property portfolios. We want properties to fit their investment criteria and of course we give all the help and advice we can.

There are many different types of investment properties, at all different price ranges and risk levels. These are some of the main types:

Residential Houses

These are your typical suburban houses with gardens. They’re generally freehold and ideal for family lets They are likely to offer stronger capital growth – read more…

Flats & Apartments

These are the most popular style of investment property, mainly due to their ease of purchase. They are also low maintenance – read more…

Student Properties

These can be one of the highest yielding investments. Often rental payments are more secure than residential tenancies, especially with guarantors. However the student accommodation market place is changing – read more…


Often an excellent way to make capital appreciate if done well.


Once, this was the most sought after property investment – nowadays popularity has pushed prices up, especially if purchasing at auctions, but we still do get a few good opportunities from time to time – read more…

HMO Properties

Or to give them the full title, houses of multiple occupancy. This is when the house is shared by different tenants former 3 or more households. Such properties can give a much higher yield but in the majority of cases licenses are required from the local authorities – read more…


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